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Why this!

There are various reasons for having backups. In climbing, a backup can save your life, but with data, a backup can save your business.

why now?
  • More Smartsheet means more people sharing. People are not infallible. They make mistakes, and actually, they make them quite often. There’s no reason to fear this if you take frequent incremental backups.
  • The IRS and regulatory commissions really don’t care that you had a data disaster. All it means to them is that you’re not compliant and they can fine you. Insuring that you’ve got an offsite backup of critical Smartsheet information can really save you if something goes wrong.
  • You are responsible for your Smartsheet data, in the event of a minor or even major mishap means your operations can quickly recover.

Those in the know will know Smartsheet themselves provide a convenient Backup facility. The challenge comes when you want to recover from it and realises things like your automations, cell formats, links etc. cannot be recovered because the copy you have is outside the Smartsheet environment. With us, easy-peasy.

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SmartBackup is a next generation cloud-enabled backup platform for Smartsheet

It consist of:

  • 01 Backup

    Make an exact copy, preserving your formats, links, rules, attachments, a feature not available from standard Smartsheet backups. Modernise the way one secure sheets by automatically backing up changed sheets, that way you do not have to figure out what to backup.

  • Drain your Backup Pool automatically to a filestore residing outside SmartSheet.

  • On-demand or sheduled securing of all or individual sheets to a filestore or other cloud residing outside Smartsheet. Ideal for taking snapshots or DRP Recovery points. Did we mention it can also do incrementals.


Myth! Smartsheet data only matters for Project teams, so it’s not that important.

Reality! SmartSheet data is essential to the entire operations of many companies.

Myth! The only reason to back up Smartsheet data is in case of a disaster.

Reality! Data losses are an everyday occurrence, and most of them are accidental.

Let us take a look at some of the biggest threats to your Smartsheet data

  • User deletion
  • A collaborator may accidentally delete a shared attachment, or you may delete some scrapped rows and then later learn the data is still necessary.

  • Data overwrites with incorrect data
  • Smartsheet application sets hold large amounts of data that are constantly updated. When large data sets are imported, accidental overwriting may become quite common.

  • Data corruption
  • Through various means, your data can be corrupted and inaccessible without the proper backup solution.

  • Data migration issues caused by incorrectly mapped fields
  • If incorrectly mapped fields are imported, the correct data may be overwritten in your shared database.

  • Third-party applications errors
  • Third-party applications can modify data in ways you didn’t intend. With Smartsheet's wider adoption and inter-operation in the Enterprise this becomes a major threat.

  • Data Loss
  • Data can be lost due to reasons other than malicious intent. Under the new data protection rules, data destruction and corruption of personal data are considered forms of data breaches and would require appropriate notifications.

Using it for

SmartBackup provides users with a way to automatically secure and preserve Smartsheets. This automatic process captures key context around the data and how it is used, promoting new angles for what you can use it for. Making it easier to enforce data governance policies.


SmartBackup is a Backup and Recovery platform exclusively designed for Smartsheet.

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SmartBackup is more than a backup engine. It is a modern data platform that can help you with privacy(CCPA, GDPR) compliance for your Smartsheet teams.


Our one-of-a-kind machine-learning component delivers ways to see Smartsheet data from new angles

Feed and Seed

Many bridges exist but few so simple to feed or seed periphery solutions whilst you anyway are forced to do backups

3 Easy Steps

get going in 3 easy steps...

like all backups we need to configure some stuff, like where you want to store your info

our aim is to get you going in 10-15 minutes, hassle free

follow these 3 simple steps

Enterprise Customers, your life is even simpler, this all get done for you. Please see Guides

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you haven’t taken deliberate action to back up your Smartsheet data, then it’s not protected. That means you can count on Smartsheet to ensure the security and integrity of the platform, but you are responsible for securing and managing all the data you generate.